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Could anyone tell me what the avarage pay is for a lpn in the hospital or longterm care around austin area. I leave in Indiana my family leaves in elgin area which in about 30 miles to austin. My husband and I are wanting to move around that area. If any knows any other places around this area that would be helpful.


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Melody, I have called the hospitals and LTC facilities for LVN pay over here and have only been quoted for GVN pay, in the hospital for a new grad it's $13.50 and for LTC I have found that they range from $12.00-$17.00 an hour. Since your not a new grad I am sure your pay will be higher than what I have been quoted. The hospitals here are more RN friendly than they are towards LVN's, they don't offer a big selection of different floors to work, most openings for LVN's in the hospital are usually med-surge. The hospitals told me to that if they do hire LVN's they prefer an LVN in the process of getting her RN degree. LTC is always hiring and I am sure you can go to a LTC facility and tell them the pay you want and they give it to you. As for areas near Austin, Bastrop, Manor, Kyle and Buda are all less expensive to live than Austin and not too far away, usually no more 30 minutes away. Good luck to you on your move over here.


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