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Hello everyone,

Im just curious. Whats the average nurse to patient ratio in a hospice facility ?

is a fresh grad welcome in this nursing field ?



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I am not in a hospice facility but have pts both in the home and in facilities. Our average caseload is 15. The most I have carried is 18.


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I work in a hospice house and our ratio is 1:4 with 2 techs during the day and 1:4 with 1 tech at night. Our field side nurses can vary greatly on nurse pt ratio.


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I work for a small company that has 2 FT field nurses (RNs) and 1 FT LPN (at this location). We also have a PT RN. This is usually more than enough for us to get everyone taken care of. We haven't always had this pleasant a set-up though. Hospice nurses seem to have a high turn-over rate, so it is hard to keep them for long once we get them trained. For most of the duration of my employment at this agency, it has just been me and the other FT RN. Because of this, our patient load has varied widely depending on the census, anywhere from 8 to 18 but usually 12-15. If the census gets higher than what we can manage safely, admins will pull in PRN nurses from our satellite offices.

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I work in an 18 bed house. 2 LPNs And 1 RN mostly, depending on census. Sometimes just 2 nurses, usually 2 cnas.

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I volunteer in a 15 bed facility, the are generally 3 RNs, and 3 techs (CNAs) on staff if both wings are in use. As for fresh grads... I think it depends on the facility, I know where I volunteer they usually prefer 6months-year experience for techs, however I know at least one of them was hired as a new grad because she'd had 5 years of volunteer experience with difference hospice facilities. So I think it depends. I would assume the experience levels are probably similar for a new RN.


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The facility I work in has 14 beds. A typical shift has 1 RN/1 Hospice Aide for up to 7 patients. We also typically have a physician or NP in house as well as social work, chaplain, unit clerks and nurse manager. We do not hire new grads, they need to have some acute care experience before considered for employment.


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I work on a 12 bed inpatient hospice unit. I work at night and for 12 patients we have 2 RNs, 1 LPN and 1 CNA

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