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Hi There,

I'm an Australian nursing student scouring All Nursing for any other Australian nursing students who might be interested in forming a study group (online or in real time, I guess it depends on our locations!) or even a resource group to further our studies and share experiences and resources.

It's kind of just an idea up in the air at the moment... I guess I'm wondering how many students there are out there from Australia, first! Perhaps if you exist we could have a good chat and form a group that could be of benefit to all of us and our studies and future careers.

Vaugely, these are some of the ideas that I had:

  • Study sessions (online or in real time) going by topics. For example by body systems (e.g. cardio, respiratory, GIT etc) and/or by types and areas of care (e.g. mental health, paeds, palliative care, critical care and so forth)
  • A email resource list with all members emails attached and perhaps a blurb about each person. If another member is looking for something in particular they may be able to find someone else on the list with experience in the area of interest
  • A forum for a whole range of new friendships of other nurisng students around the country!
  • Assignment help groups. For example if someone is having trouble with stats then they can ask the group for help regarding their stats assignment and the group has the opportunity to input/lend a hand
  • Perhaps we could set up our forum public forum and encompass all of these things... ?

Anyway, if you're out there, yell out!

TakeTwoAspirin, MSN, RN, APRN

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You might have better luck with this if you post under the "Australian and NZ" forum. You can find it under the "Region" tab at the top of the page.

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