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I'm looking for info on how to work in the US as an RN (specifically in the OR)

Can someone point me in the direction of where to look on this board?


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Starting point would be getting registered and licensed as a RN in the US, a lot will depend on the state you apply to and your training. Next would be deciding on which visa to apply for if immigrant then you have a long wait ahead of you due to retrogression. If you meet E3 requirements then it may be a bit quicker however you will have to find employer first. Look for posts by ghillbert as they have done the E3 route

Many thanks

Having read through some of the threads on this board... it's all pretty disheartening

I'm not exactly sure which state to apply to. Which would be some of the quicker and easier states to go through (if there is some a thing)

Specializes in Medical and general practice now LTC.

What you have to decide is where to work, applying to one state because it is quicker and easier doesn't always work because the state you want to work in and wasn't your initial state of application may still require you to meet their requirements resulting in more delays and money.

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