Australian, New Zealand and South East Asian Nursing Resources

  1. i am starting this thread devoted to listing web resources for nurses not only in australia and new zealand but any of our regional areas. anyone is invited to add to the thread with a new resource or site they would like to share.

    the only condition is that the resources added are not for the purposes of advertising as per the terms of service agreement all members agreed to on registering with this site.

    non-profit organisations, government heath websites, universities, medical websites (i.e. college of surgeons), hospital websites (esp. ones such as the liverpool hospitals trauma site) and local support organisations are all welcome to be listed. as long as the listing is not done for recruitment or profitable purposes- i.e. you can list say, woop woop university but you can't run a big advertisement saying come and enrol.

    so here are the start of the sites. first is the australian registration board listed for all overseas nurses wanting to come and visit our beautiful country.

    australian registration board

    if you are immigrating to australia you will have to be assessed by the anmc.

    for all information regarding skills assessmements for internationally qualified nurses and midwives please view the international section of the anmac website

    state registration boards - if you are applying to come to australia on a termporary work visa you have to contact the registration board of the state you want to work in first.

    western australia

    new south wales

    south australia



    northern territory

    and last but not least - queensland!!

    for those wanting to visit our beautiful neighbour

    new zealand registration

    ministry of health new zealand

    i will be adding more sites as i find them.
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    Unions and Organisations

    Queensland Nurses Union

    The Australian Nursing Federation (ANF)
    The Australian Nursing Federation (ANF) was established in 1924. ANF is the national union for nurses and the largest professional nursing organisation in Australia.

    Royal College of Nursing, Australia
    Royal College of Nursing, Australia is a leading professional organisation representing nurses from all practice areas throughout Australia.

    council of Remote Area Nurses of Australia

    The Australian College of Critical Care Nurses
    The Australian College of Critical Care Nurses represents over 2,500 critical care nurses nationally. Our members work across the critical care clinical spectrum - emergency, coronary care, high dependency, cardiothoracic and general intensive care units, and academic and educational settings.

    The Thoracic Society of Australia & New Zealand
    The TSANZ is the professional society of thoracic physicians, scientists and other health care workers involved in lung disease. Its aims are to prevent and cure respiratory disease and relieve disability in those with lung disease.

    AORN Online
    The Association of Perioperative Registered Nurses

    The following web links list nursing as well as other organisations
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    Excellent gwenith, thanks.
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    Nursing Education in Australia

    Here is another link with excellent links to educational institutions and a list of geverment hospitals.

    A link from that same website lists all the universities

    At present the above links seem to be broken but I will leave them at the moment in case it is a temporary thing so, here goes with a listing.
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    I have always found the website great - it has all specialities
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    Thank-you Sehbear. If you have any more especially if they are Australian/New Zealand or regional sites of health interest please post them. There is a similar link thread in the student nurses forum and it is fabulous!!!
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    For all those wishing to come and settle in Australia here is the immigration website

    The immigration website for New Zealand is:
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    More New Zealand immigration resources

    General information about New Zealand

    List of New Zealand Nursing organisations

    nursing statistics 2003
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    This site shows the co-operation between Australia and Indonesia

    Indonesia Database maps and language translation

    Nursing Education in Indonesia

    I cannot find a nurses registration site on the web so anyone who an assist please feel free to help.
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    And congratulations to Singapore Nurses that is one impressive site!

    Nursing registration Singapore

    Singapore Nurses Association
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    Here are two "Evidence Based Practice" website links. The first is the Joanna Briggs Institute ( I can't believe I haven't included this link yet! lol)

    Joanna Briggs covers nursing and allied health.

    The Cochrane Database is more medically orientated, for access press the log in anonymously button on the webpage.
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    Thought I might add some maps of the area so that you have an idea of what the region is like

    To give everyone an idea of the size of Australia the distance from Perth Western Australia to Cairns in Queensland is 2141 miles or 3445 kilometers. I will add maps of the other countries as I find some.
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