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Hello all,

I am after advice from Australian nurses who have spent some time working in the UK.

I plan to do such some time next year. I am basically after any information you are able to give me about your experience. Where to work/where not to work... what areas are affordable to live in... any information at all you can offer to someone who is about to do this. Any useful web sites would be handy also.

Thank you for your time.


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A couple of aussie nurses have posted on the UK forum in the past.

This links to the website of the biggest UK nursing magazine.

They do job ads too.


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I have just returned after 9 months of working in UK.

Firstly, I would recommend Pulse nurses agency. They are excellent (give you an A-Z street directory, help you open bank account, give you good directions ect) and you'll see pulse nurses wherever you go, unlike some of the other agencies such as Strand, as they don't meet all the criteria for LAP 1 + 2 , but the agencies advertise they do. LAP 1 + 2 is some government thing and if you want a good agency and want work, these are the agencies to look into.

Also, join a staff bank. When agency work gets quiet, you can then have work at a staff bank.

I almost died when I started the 12 hour shifts but got used to them. They also do 7 and 6 hour shifts as well.

I lived in Fulham, had a very small room 85 quid a week. On average, I would say I earned about 400 quid a week and I had some slack weeks plus time off to travel. Don't spend more than 1/4 of your average pay on rent because once you add bills and transport costs on, you will be spending at least 1/3 of your pay.


1. Pulse Nurses Agency

30 New Oxford Street



ph: 020-79591000

fax: 020-79591001

Email: [email protected]

If you want other info, you can either PM me or email me [email protected]

I have about 10 hours internet per month, so don't expect a quick reply!

Hospitals I hated:

St Thomas' just over the bridge, across from the London eye

St Georges in Tooting

Private Hospitals - you have to record everything you use, and I mean everything, eg: pairs of gloves, number of needles ect

Okey hospitals:


St Marys in Paddington

Royal London - Whitechappel tube


Chelsea Westminster on Fulham Road - worked there heaps!

I'll think of others later

edit: look on for accomodation, secondhand stuff, and nurses jobs

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