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australian new grad working in the uk

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hi, i am going to graduate in a few weeks as an RN, having completed my 3.5 year course in bachelor science/general nursing.

i need some advise: i want to work in the UK. i am going to start my grad program in mental health in august in australia.

can i work in the UK as a mental health nurse, considering my education, and 6 months experience at an acute psych hospital.

i have worked with dementia patients as a nursing assistant/carer for the past 3 years also.

will the nursing board take this into consideration? as it states that you must have 12 months experience? or do i have no chance?

and are there graduate programs in the UK within mental health that i could apply for?


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You have first one major probelm getting a visa to work as a nurse in the uk since we are stull on uk/eu citizen first as nurisng is not a prioty, and general nursing is not a specialized area.

Firstly nrisng the uk is not genarl we are trained by branch Adult, mental health, childernes and learing disability

UK mental health nursing required completion of the RN mental halth branch nornally done as a pre-registatrion undergrad but you can convert ina 18 month program however is it harder to get a place and you nneed to fund fees etc.

No the NMC will not accept non RN experince as equlavent however the course may waive some aspects if suffienctn experince.


I know that if I want to work in Australia there are formalities to go through, most of which are about appropriate documentation rather than qualifications as I think our qualifications are more or less transferable. You'll need to start the process about 6 months - 1 year before you intend to come over anyway, as it takes that long to process all the required documents. I'm unclear exactly what it is you want to do - work as a general nurse ? Or train as a psychiatric nurse in this country ? Either way the NMC should be able to advise.

Good luck


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You will need to meet NMC requirements for overseas nurse and 2 years as a care assistant is not usually taken into account, they are looking at RN experience.

Also need to be aware of getting a work permit.

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