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I'm writing this on behalf of my hubbie. We live in the UAE. I'm candian he is australian (both nurses). We lived in Newcastle, NSW. We found the job ad to come here at the back of a free health magazine he found lying around at the John hunter hospital. I dont remember the name of the publication. We have found from exerience its better to work through an agency as they do all the paperwork. we are now looking to go to canada from here and it would be really helpful if anyone knew of any resources we could use. I don't really want to go back to Australia in order to find work in canada. Can any one help us??

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why don't you post in the canadian nurses forum? since you are wanting to move there it would probably be the better place to seek advice.

best wishes in your quest!

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Each province also has its own requirements for licensure, so you need to first decide where it is that you wish to work in Canada.

You will also need to take their licensing exam, and get a visa that will permit you to work. It is not going to be instantaneous. Not sure how much longer that you have on the contract where you are, but you are looking at probably a year at the earliest for you to get a visa and have the exams completed, etc.

The paperwork is something that you can complete yourself, it does not require an agency. Your choice on how to handle it. But remember that any agency that is advertising, is paying for the add, and will take a nice sum from your check on a weekly basis. They need to be paid for their services and they do not do it for free. Some are paid only by the facility, which is great, however, most souble dip, and get paid by the facility, as well as take money from your check. Suggest that you investigate that before you sign.


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hi there.

the book/magazine you refer to was probably nursing careers & allied health which is published bimonthly and also has a webbie

as already pointed out agencies take their fee for work that you will need to do anyway. they simply assist with the paperwork, and play a role in coordinating all the varying aspects that are required, but it's not something that one can't do without them, and in my experience one still has to deal with all the legislative/licensing bodies, academic institutions and employers directly anyhow.

IMO some agencies are not worth the effort, the few that I've dealt with have fallen far short of my expectations.

but good luck... in your move...

by the way what areas did you and hubby work in over in the UAE?


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Thank you to those who have answered. My husband has applied for registration in Alberta so hopefully we will here back soon. I have family in Toronto but from what I have heard they are requiring newly registered nurses to have degrees rather than a diploma.

My husband and I are both cardiology nurses. I met him In Riyadh where we both worked for a few years. We lived and worked in Newcastle,NSW Australia for 5 years and now are living in Al Ain which is in the emirate of Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. We have enjoyed the travel which nursing has offered us but now as we are both in our 40's with young children, we would like to settle somewhere permanently.

Speaking of getting older, I am curious as to where the older nurses go?? I don't think we want to be doing shift work for the rest of our careers.

Bye for now, Marisol


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There's a lovely British chicky in ICU who's going to Canada soon; pop over from G3 and ask her about it!

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