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Augusta tech ADN


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Took all of my pre-reqs at Augusta tech. Just finished in the spring.

I can’t find the FB page.

The FB group name is Augusta Tech LPN-ADN 2019-2020 Hopefuls.

WhittT, who did you take for Micro and A&P 2? I had Rizk for A&P and Osborn/Wiles for Micro

LOVED Dr. Wiles, Chelisa34.

Tamerea I took Wiles, for AP 1, 2, and Micro

Ladies and gentlemen, the wait is almost over I’m so nervous and happy at the same time.

Yes almost over. It’s quite a few of us waiting. We are in the Augusta Tech LPN-ADN 2019-2020 hopefuls page. Come join us xPower

I. Can. Not. Wait. I’m so ready to get started! I know nursing school is going to be a crazy and stressful ride, but I know it’s going to be so worth it in the end. I just need to get accepted....

I see that Aiken Tech started sending out acceptance emails today. I wish Augusta Tech would get on it too!!

Who’s accepted? I unfortunately did not get accepted I’m crushed.

I’m crushed too, I didn’t get in either but I’m heading to Columbia for school. ECPI Tamera got in

I hate it that ALL of the awesome people I've met didn't make it in. 😞 Chelsea, I love your energy, and I appreciate all that you do to keep the FB group informed and engaged. I am just guessing, but I think WhittT was accepted as well.

xPower, I hope you keep striving to get into a program somewhere. Please don't let this temporary setback stop you from achieving your goals.

Thanks Tamerea❤️I wish you the best and I know this is not the end of my journey‼️‼️Congratulations WhitT

Yes I’m in Atlanta I was willing to drive that 2hours but hopefully I get some good news in these other schools I applied to. Congratulations to you all

Y’all, after being denied a spot came open for me❤️‼️I got in the PN program at Augusta Tech‼️‼️🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

Congratulations. I also got into a school here in Atlanta I start in August

Hi everyone! I’m a student at Augusta tech and I’m taking my last class this fall which is microbiology along with a retake (math) I have A’s in everything else except math (C) and English(B) .. My Gpa should be around a 3.4-3.5 after I take micro. I’m curious, For the ones that did get into the program, what were your GPA and what grades did you have on your TEAS and prerequisites?

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It seems like GPAs and TEAS score were all over the place in the accepted class. Also, they accepted 24 students this semester instead of 16 like they did last semester (which is a great thing!)

My stats: 4.0 GPA and 92 TEAS


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