Attn New Grads! How is Year One Going??


Hey y'all's!

I've been reading a few of the articles listed on this site and I'm sad to see and hear of so many negative stories and experiences. Back in nursing school I had heard from several nurses that the first year as a new grad RN was the hardest, and it could either make or break you...

I'm an RN who graduated June 2015 from a BScN program in northern BC, Canada. I moved from my hometown to a similar sized town even further north in BC for a fulltime line on a med/surg floor. While this first year has been stressful at times- Canadian nurses had to write the NCLEX exam for the first time in 2015 ( I dunno how you American nurses do it! That exam sucked!), having a shortage of staffing and lack of resources due to our northern rural community- and not to mention being away from my family-but honestly, I can say that my first year has really solidified my desire and passion for nursing. A lot of that has to do with my coworkers- RNs, LPNs, the whole multidisciplinary team-we all partake in teamwork and there has never been a situation where I felt abandoned or without support from my colleagues. I find that makes a huge impact on a lot of my fellow classmates, who unfortunately did not feel the same level of support from coworkers, and who now feel like nursing is not their profession.

Anyways, I'm wondering how my fellow new grads have been doing a year into their practice?

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Absolutely loving it! It is such a strange thing when you're sitting there talking to a person about some medical dilemma they're discussing and realize - oh my gosh! I'm actually a nurse... a REAL NURSE who knows what she's talking about! Lol!

Whether it's responding to an emergent situation appropriately, teaching a patient what they need to know (without having to look up every detail), or just being the "more experienced nurse" from which the newer "newbies" are seeking advice... all of these little moments tend to make you smile about just how far you've come (especially when you never imagined you'd feel confident in the first place)!

I remember sitting on my sofa at home and my husband (obviously a layperson) was discussing an injury someone had at work... "she broke her leg," he said, "she was so thirsty and the first responders told her she couldn't have anything to drink... I think it had something to do with not diluting the meds or something..." I remember laughing and saying, "Oh I don't think it had anything to do with meds... they just don't want her consuming anything in case she needs surgery... having something in her stomach makes her more likely to aspirate if she is intubated..." and then thinking to myself, it's weird that this knowledge has somehow become instinctual when I thought I'd never get the hang of nursing, lol!

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Enjoyed it immensely despite the set-backs and issues I came across of which I look back as experiences I've overcome. My one year passed in September and it feels great to be a 1-year RN. Looking forward to the end of my 2nd year to see where I may want to go after being a tele nurse. It's crazy how much I've changed in the past year. I used to dread coming to work, nervous as hell before, during, and after each shift. Now, my head is always held up high the entire shift and when I clock out, I knock out!


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I got my first hospital job in september in a busy ER. I am almost at the end of my orientation and i am terrified !! I am doubting myself, can I really do this on my own? my preceptor still tells me I am not prioritizing my patients and my time managment skills are still not there yet. some days i feel like im drowning, other days I feel like i got a hang of things. I am terrified to be on my own.

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Passed the one-year mark feels good! I graduated in may 2015 and landed first job after passing nclex RN on first try in August. Got let go after three months during my first nursing home which wasn't a good fit for me anyway and have been at my current and second nursing home job for almost one year, this December 17 will be my one year at my second job. At first, the pace of the nursing home environment was crazy and I never thought I could handle everything I had to do but it's better now. After working long enough i got used to the pace and gained some valuable skills and knowledge. I enjoy being a nurse most days and hope to continue my career in long term care.

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I'm a new grad and started my new RN job at a long-term rehab here in Massachusetts on October 11th. Today was my first day off of orientation and went by really well. I'm very new to nursing but so far so good. I learn tons everyday and see the benefits of working at a long-term acute setting as a new grad. I'm getting really good at prioritizing and keeping track of 16 patients keeps you on your toes. But it isn't anything unmanageable, believe it or not! I plan on contacting HR at a big name hospital on Tuesday to inquire about their new graduate program that starts in March. Not sure if me already working as a nurse exempts me from it or if I will still be considered a new grad since I have less than 6 months experience. I work with RN's, LPN's, CNA's, PT, OT, and the whole multidisciplinary team.