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Hi California Nurses,

Could you all please share with the rest of us what you know about the new staffing law in your state? How is it supposed to work, etc.?

Does the law also contain some kind of "consequences" for facilities that "break" the law?

Curious in Minnesota.


As you have heard, AB 394 (California's safe staffing bill) is supposed to become law this January 2002. Here it is Jan 1, 2002 (Happy New Year!) and where are the ratios & the law? Well, the deadline for setting ratios have been pushed back several times now. I read that the final word is coming "at any moment." I don't know if that means days to weeks.

One of the best sources for current info on AB 394 is the California Nurses Association. They used to have the AB 394 legislation in pdf format on their website, though I couldn't find it tonight (you can try the CNA website search engine).

As to your question about compliance- I am sure there will be consequences, because if it is law, there will be penalties for noncompliance. Though, I can't tell you what the penalties will be (still waiting for word). You can check out the latest news at the CNA website:

As one of many CA RNs who went to a Pro-AB 394 rally & wrote letters, etc. I am crossing my fingers on this one! I hope they heard what we were saying...

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