Attending MCI- what about working in other states?


I've been talking to an MCI admissions counselor for a few weeks trying to figure out what option is best for me. I am a Navy wife on the move every 24-27 months so being able to work in different states is kind of important. I'm having trouble getting information on whether or not I'll be able to transfer my MCI RN degree to other states.. does anyone have any information on this?

Also, does anyone know how difficult it is to get into Riverside's RN program? I have a 3.5 GPA.. I don't have a lot of time to waste and am having trouble getting straight answers. Thanks for your time.

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Once you're licensed, you're licensed. The only program I know of that ever has problems is Excelsior College (I know this because I'm an Excelsior grad). As long as your program is accredited, you'll be fine.

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Lunah is correct. Once you have passed the NCLEX examination and apply to a state's Board of Nursing, you are eligible to be licensed as a RN. Virginia is a compact state, so you are eligible to transfer a Virginia RN license to 46 other states. Three states require additional testing/exams.

A different question arises if you wanted to pursue additional education in the future (a BSN degree for example). MCI is not regionally accredited (in Virginia the regional accreditation is the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools - SACS), so the MCI academic credit might not transfer into a degree program at another college or university.