Att Nursing students: What do you do with your books?

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What do you do with your books? Do you keep them in school so you can refer to them throughout the day? Keep them at home so you can study? Shlep them back and forth every day?

I want to utilize my time in school as much as possible, and sometimes if lecture is boring or repetitive, my time can better be spent reading and reviewing the text. But I don't want to be carrying heavy books back and forth, and I'll also need to do some studying at home.

I'm thinking about buying a second copy of each book, an older edition for very cheap, and keeping one set of books at home and one set in school.

I had 14 books and four different binders in 1st semester. I kept everything in a box in the truck of my car this way I had everything I needed where ever I was.

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I don't have a car, and I'll either be walking, riding a bike or taking public transportation to school. I don't know yet if we'll have room to store our things. From the replies so far it sounds like this isn't common in nursing school. I really need to travel light, so I guess my books will have to stay home.

During first semester A&P, I ended up in the doctor's office with back pain probably from dragging an 8 lb texbook up hill and down dale. I tried using a rolling bag to carry books but didn't like hearing myself go clackety-clack down some long hallways. I finally took a deep breath and plunged into book heresy by cutting out the chapter I needed at the time with a box cutter so I could carry just that chapter. (wasn't planning on selling the book back anyway.) I also carry the chapter with me on a clipboard when I know I'm going to be waiting somewhere for a while.

For my next monster-textbook class, I ordered an "a la carte" edition from the publisher (Pearson in this case.) This is just the textbook pages with notebook holes already punched, and I saved about $70 over buying a normal new edition.

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