Att Nursing students: What do you do with your books?


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I had 14 books and four different binders in 1st semester. I kept everything in a box in the truck of my car this way I had everything I needed where ever I was.

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I don't have a car, and I'll either be walking, riding a bike or taking public transportation to school. I don't know yet if we'll have room to store our things. From the replies so far it sounds like this isn't common in nursing school. I really need to travel light, so I guess my books will have to stay home.


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During first semester A&P, I ended up in the doctor's office with back pain probably from dragging an 8 lb texbook up hill and down dale. I tried using a rolling bag to carry books but didn't like hearing myself go clackety-clack down some long hallways. I finally took a deep breath and plunged into book heresy by cutting out the chapter I needed at the time with a box cutter so I could carry just that chapter. (wasn't planning on selling the book back anyway.) I also carry the chapter with me on a clipboard when I know I'm going to be waiting somewhere for a while.

For my next monster-textbook class, I ordered an "a la carte" edition from the publisher (Pearson in this case.) This is just the textbook pages with notebook holes already punched, and I saved about $70 over buying a normal new edition.

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