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Has anyone attended ATS? I am looking into attending the 18 month ADN program? I have been hearing from a lot of people that it would be hard to find a job after you leave ATS and that CCF doesn't hire ATS students? If you attended or have attended ATS what was your experience like? Did you have a hard time finding a job? How was the PSB exam? Any info would be great!



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I can only tell you what I know:the rn program there is under provisional status, not full approval by the Ohio Board of nursing. They are expensive. I would check with the board of nursing it just seems a bit troubling to me. Ive heard the ccf rumor as well :(

i am a RN student there yes tuition is high but this is not abnormal for a private school for profit. They are on conditional approval due to the old DON who they got rid of and hired a great new DON she is working on getting things turned around.

As for having problems getting a job, no if you pass the NCLEX you are an RN same as someone that went to ohio state, CSU, tri-c. etc.....they have had some bad students in there that dont actually want to be a nurse and they think this is an opportunity for just a pay check and they are careless and make mistakes and ruin things for others but you will have that anywhere you go. I am doing my clinicals at the CC and was even offered a job, weather or not you get a job depends on you and your abilities. when you first graduate you know barely anything it is not the same as a clinical setting in a school and all hospitals have different policies.

you determine your own sucess, good luck and im sure if you wanted to you can talk to students there but everyone has there own way of learning and doing things, im an independant learner so i am doing well i do allot of research and studying on my own so i am not just fimilar with the basics.


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hello Student Nurse Katie

I was also considering ATS, and wanted to attend the LPN program which is 9 months, start date Jan 4, 09... It's actually as toss up between ATS and Tri C.. my only issue is w/ Tri C I have to get all the pre reqs out the way for the LPN program.... So I will actually start the nursing program Sept 10.. I really don't want to wait, I want to start in Jan, I will have to work part time and my current employer isnt allowing me to go part time, so I may have to find another job.. I'm a single mother, living alone no child support, have to pay rent, car payment, util ..etc... So my question to you is how do you make it, do you work,do you have any help... also suggestions welcome.....

Thanks in advance

**sorry to vent**

Hello future student,

I currently attend ATS and I am very pleased with the school. The faculty is very supporting and there has been many positive changes with the school. I would recommend you stop in for a tour of the school and also get to know some of the faculty members so that you can hear from them personally and they can answer all of your questions.


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ATS has changed dramatically since we got the new administrater in Jan. 2011. The faculty at ATS is very nice. The instructors are very helpful and flexible. They will do all they can to help you pass. They prepare you for the exit ATI throughtout the semester. It is true that the school is under provisional status. The instructors and administration are trying there best to get beyond this status.


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i am a international student going to ats to achieve my rn. i had a masters before. i saw many positive changes at ats since i got here. i am in my 4th semester always getting good grades. the teachers are very helpful. the new administer has changed every thing at ats. i honestly has every thing good to write. i go with my experience rather than going to what people says. ats is on the way to generate a wonderful generation of nurses, and i am proud to say i am one of them.




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i am currently an ADN student at ATS. There have been many good changes made at ATS over the past one and half years by ------. The teachers take their time out for us if we need extra help, and we are well prepared to take Nclex.



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I heard that ats isn't even accepting new RN students...are they not accredited any more? I heard their accreditation has always been iffy..

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