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I am looking at moving to ATL upon graduation next May. I can't seem to find anywhere how much new nurses make in ATL. Can anyone help me out?


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I just interviewed at Northside for a new grad position. They said they start nurses at 22.54 base pay. The differential for weekend is 3.00/hr and 5.00/night, but I think that starts after the 12 week internship. The recruiter said they are a bit higher than other hospitals but not much. It's going to be anywhere from 21-22 base/hr.


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Awesome, thank you so much for taking the time to respond. Much appreciation! Helps me figure out some things financially.

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You can also visit some of the hospital websites and search the position to find the min and mid. I believe Emory and Gwinnett Medical Center lists that information. But the previous poster was correct with the rate range. Weekend option only, if offered, tends to pay a little more and shift differentials can vary by hospital.


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Emory New Grad Residency pays:


Night Diff: $4.50

Weekend Diff (I'm not 100% sure about the exact rate, its 3 something): $3.50 I believe


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Does anyone know the rate for the new grad residency at Children's Healthcare?


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probably the same or similar to the other hospitals listed. From what I know ATL hospitals do not vary much in their pay scale.