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ATI testing


I am currently taking Medical-Surgical Nursing II and I almost done with this class..(YES:)) Along with the Med- Surg schedule, we are required to take the ATI test. The ATI test is tomorrow, so I am just taking the practice tests online to help me prepare for it. I don't think this ATI test will affect our grade any since it is to prepare us for NCLEX...but I still want to do good. WILL the practice tests help me do good? Is it similar to the ATI actual test if anyone has taken it? Thanx for answering:)


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Yes,practice test and actual are similar. We need to score 90 at my school to progress forward to next semester. You can take practice test as many times as you want. I am doing ob/peds in 2 weeks.My instructors also use ATI for some exam questions!! Best wishes. Deb

I have 9 practice tests. .. .. . . cardiovascular, endocrine, fluid and e-, g.i., immune, neuro & musculoskeletal, perioperative, renal & urinary, AND respiratory. 30 practice questions each. Will this help me pass?


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I believe so! They are good prep for NCLEX our school says. You will do great! Get some sleep..ok? Deb

I love the ATI practice questions, because I get instant feedback. I hate answering all of them and THEN finding out what I made. I pretty much do as many study questions as I can. I prefer ones that offer rationales too.

My advice? Do the practice tests! :)

I got a whole bunch of codes on ebay and they so far work! Good Luck, i think the more tests you take you just get more practice and rationales for answers which helps understand.

hi i am looking Lpn ati medsurg practice questions