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Ati study tips


My school has given me an ati tutor but im not sure the right way to study. Don't get me wrong I am reading the ati books in each module but I can't help but feel I'm still doing something wrong. Has anyone studied using ati and can offer tips


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I'm studying using ATI tutor too, but I don't just use that. I'm using the Saunders Comprehensive Review Book with paired up with it. I thought that the modules were a bit simple and didn't provide as much detail.

Hey @kenee23! I used Virtual ATI tutor for my NCLEX-RN and just took my exam last week. I did end up passing with 75 questions but I do not think that ATI is enough. Here was my approach to using Virtual ATI:

1) I went through the 'learning activities' section and read through EVERY power point at least twice before trying to test out of the module. The ebook and 'focused review' are just way too long and hard to read in my opinion.

2) If I got below the 60% benchmark on a module I would go through the learning activities once more and also use my Saunders book as needed.

3) Don't get frustrated if it takes you a few tries on the Comp Predictor at the end to get the 'green light.' It took me three tries before finally getting above 92% chance of passing on the comp predictor.

I really did not feel confident in ATI because their test bank just isn't big enough and I would end up getting a lot of the same questions over and over again. I purchased Linda LaCharity's 'Assignment, Delegation, and Prioritization' book which was extremely helpful for not only these types of questions but also CONTENT that was provided in the rationales.

One week before my test I purchased Kaplan's 2014-2015 'Strategies, Practice and Review' book. I read the entire book and answered the questions with rationales at the end of every chapter.

ATI also lacks in infection control information. I would recommend using the first two pages of the 35 page study guide floating around this website to help with that.

Let me know if you have any more questions. I found it very hard to find anyone on this website that also used ATI, it seems like everyone uses Kaplan!

Thank you so much this really helps