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Our school requires the ATI program. Is the ATI program a good preparatory tool for the NCLEX-RN?

ATI is great for testing knowledge base (when you dont get a contradictory answer) and knowing how to tear apart a question to find out what it's asking. IMO it's a lot harder than NCLEX. The stats for our school: if you pass the ATI exit exam with a 75% or better you have a 98% chance of passing the NCLEX once you have used the NCSBN guides. ATI builds confidence, NCSBN preps for actual NCLEX questions that have been used in the past.

Yes, I second that ATI is good prep for NCLEX.

My SON uses ATI, and us May grads had to get a certain score on the ATI Comprehensive Predictor (70%) in order to sit for the boards. So all of my classmates who I've talked with passed the NCLEX, many with 75 questions. ATI questions seem to be a lot harder than NCLEX to me but yea I've found ATI helpful.

Let me just add though---the ATI books are PRICELESS for quick knowledge refresher information! I do love that about ATI and love that our school supplied the books (granted, I am sure the cost was in tuition, but I didn't have to use my bank card for that specifically!LOL!)

^^Oh yes, I forgot about the books! My school covered the price for all of them as well. Probably the only thing I liked about ATI were the bullet points in the books. Much more convenient than going back to a nursing book for reference.

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