ATI Maternal Newborn Study Tips


Does anyone have any helpful tips for studying for the ATI maternal newborn test?


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does your school hand out the ATI books? I suggest starting there, also the school I went to had us do "practice" ATI test on MNB to let us know our trouble areas. If they didn't do that and you have a book you could try taking the quizzes at the ends of the chapters, if you feel good about it, move on, if not read the chapter a little more in depth. If no book, well study like you would for a final exam- find NCLEX type questions. Hope you do well!!!


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The ATI book will help. Also make sure you can meet the outcomes infront of every chapter of your book.

My maternal-newborn teacher is 1000 years old..she teaches us at a BSN level and tests at MSN level so our ATI was cake. I think I got in the 99th percentile.

Just always remember that if mama is alive, assess baby FIRST..always strap her on the monitor before you do anything else. I remember a few questions about that........

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My school doesn't give us any sort of book to prepare and when we take the ATI it doesn't count against us. Can you tell me the title of the prep book you use?


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They also didn't give you codes to practice tests online??

Since you don't have to ATI book then just use your lecture book. Make sure you can meet all the outcomes before every chapter you covered and the test questions at the end.

Good Luck!