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Nursing Students NCLEX


Hey everyone

so I took my first ATI comp predictor, scored 48%, 8% chance of passing NCLEX. I retook it and now I received a 68%, 82% chance of passing NCLEX. At my school if the student receives the green light (72% score=92% chance of passing NCLEX) 100% of those students pass the first try. 

I had a big jump and im proud of that, I was really hoping to receive the green light today, I took the exam at the library and with poor timing was being rushed out the library since it was closing, I only am off by 4%!!

 im scheduled for NCLEX on march 2nd. My dilemma is the ATI program ends on Tuesday for me, I have one more try to take the predictor (would have to be after my scheduled date). 

should I keep my appointment or push it back and renew the ATI program?? Please help!!

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