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Ati exit exam


Hi I need help passing the ati exit exam. I graduated alnost a year ago and my school kept me hostage because of the exit. We were told we need a 95 in order to leave the Program. Any suggestions, what part is worth more, or what else can I use to help pass. I tried the focus review and I'm not that successful with it. HELP PLEASE!

Are you going to mpi? If you don't mind me asking.


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Do you have access to the ATI practice questions? Do you do those questions and then read through ALL the rationales even for questions you got right? Are you able to sign up for Virtual ATI? My PN school required those who did not pass the ATI exit exam to do virtual ATI and they almost always were successful after that.

What is Mpi?

MPI is a LPN school in mass.

I have access to the practice but they didn't Offer me the virtual.

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I have access to the practice but they didn't Offer me the virtual.

You can sign up for virtual ATI yourself likely with a discount if a current student.

Are you close? They do a breakdown of how you did in different subject matters and tgey also tel you where in their books/system you can find the info your weak with so focus on that. And as mentioned before do the practice questions