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Hello, I'll be taking the ATI comprehensive form A 2013 version in a couple of weeks. I already took form B and didn't pass by missing 5 questions. We are required to have a pass rate of 95% and above in my program. I came in at a 91%. I felt like I did all I could to study my first time and even took all of spring break to study. I wanted to ask had anyone taken this version and any tips to study would much be appreciated. I saw other discussion forms on the ATI comprehensive but all were related to the 2010 version.


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That's insane! If they hold you back over a few percentage points I'd heavily suggest getting a lawyer and having them send your dean a nice letter. IT IS YOUR RIGHT AS A CONSUMER TO SIT FOR BOARDS! You made it this far and you scored well on the predictor. It would be down right criminal for them to hold you back.


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Our school is doing the same thing. How did the second try go? We'll be taking the predictor on Monday.

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We used ati comprehensive 2013 as well. I scored a 96% first time and 95% the second time. My only advice is to brush up in the areas that you are scoring the lowest in to improve your overall score. If you have an NCLEX style book try answering some questions to related content.


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I used ATI with my school and graduated in May. I'm not sure if it is the same with every school but when we took the comprehensive exam twice. Once in March and again in the end of May. We also took the ATI live review after taking the test for the first time and I found this very helpful for how to go about answering their questions with better strategies. My grade went up after taking the test again. My advice is pay attention during the live review if your school does it and do the focused review they give you to work on areas you are weaker in and you will most likely improve your grade on the next one. If you don't have the live review then do the focused review they give you for the online form A. Good Luck!!!

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