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Athens Tech-Can I Apply if I've Been Dismissed from My First Program?


I withdrew by choice from GTC Fall 2014 and re-entered there in 2015. I unfortunately failed my OB dosage calc exam with an 87.5 (90+ to pass). I already used my 1 time readmission, so I was officially dismissed from their program. Both of these instances, I had withdrawn so my transcript says I have 4 Ws (fundamentals, pharmacology, OB, & Peds). They require that you drop all enrolled courses if you chose to drop any nursing course.

4 GA Programs have already stated from their website that dismissed students are not in "good academic standing" with their program are not eligible to apply. I looked on Athens Tech's page regarding admissions, and it states "Applicants who are on academic probation or are academically dismissed from the college as of the application deadline will not be considered for admission." But here it is regarding Athens Tech dismissals, and not that of previous programs.

I spoke with a gentleman in the admissions office at Athens Technical College. I attached my Degree-Works transcript as well as a written statement of my situation in my email to him. He confirmed with one of the main Health Science coordinators that I should be fine to apply, but I will have to retake all successfully completed nursing courses at their campus, which I am fine with.

Has anyone else been dismissed from another RN program and been accepted at Athens Tech?

Below are my stats:

Cum GPA: 3.67

Core GPA: 4.0

Kaplan Entrance (GTC use only) 87% (top 10th in my cohort)


Communications Officer for 2017 Class

BP & Blood drives

Tutoring Anatomy/Phys/Micro/Pharm/Foundations of Nursing

Community Education for Teens

Community Education for Preschoolers

I won't be applying for 2017 entry, but 2018.

I am studying in the mean time all I have completed in my previous program, saving money, and studying to take the entrance exam at least 2 times before the 2018 deadline.

If anyone can shed some light on this, I would be incredibly grateful.

Thank you!


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I would apply to AT if I were you and go from there..you have already spoken to someone at AT who said you should be fine with reapplying..if admissions has questions I'm sure they will ask you..with any accredited college classes that are failed or withdrawn from would have to be retaken.


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