At a crossroad, HELP! the VA or Scripps?


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      the VA
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Hello, I need advice/insight on these hospitals and in choosing which path to take

I'm currently on a Med/Surg unit wanting to relocate to SD, my boyfriend is in the Navy with 2 more years in San Diego.

I received an offer for The VA on the Surgical Telemetry, so it's familiar, and a little different with Telemetry, but not the ideal unit I want to be working in, idk the salary for it yet

Scripps would be on a more acute unit, which is where I think I want to be (No experience with more acute patients-- vents, drips, etc), Night shift, good pay

I just don't know if I should choose the VA because I know we will be moving in the future, or choose Scripps because I can get an opportunity with the VA later down the line?

or any insight on either of the hospitals would be helpful.

Thanks in advance!

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I would choose the VA as they have very good benefits (I've heard, not from personal experience), You can transfer to any VA in the country. Whereas, I believe Scripps is regionally located in California or that part of the U.S.

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VA jobs are difficult to obtain; you might not get the opportunity again.