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ASU Summer/Fall '15


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Hi everyone!

Anyone else applying for the Summer/Fall '15 nursing cohorts at ASU! I attended the Advancement Workshop on Friday and I am just so excited! I thought I would create a thread for all of us applicants and exchange ideas, study tips, scores, thoughts, excitement, and whatever else! :)

Personally, my first choice is Summer, but I would love to get to know all of the 2015 applicants!

Hey Amber, I am currently in the running for Spring 2015. I have a 3.93 GPa and got an 81% on the TEAS so I am hoping that is good enough to get me into spring 2015. However, I did have some problems with immunizations and some other documents so if that keeps me from getting in this time around I will be applying for summer/fall but would hope to get into fall as apposed to summer. I am currently taking Patho which is the last class I need to have all pre reqs done. I have an A in the class right now and am hoping I can keep it because so that I can use that A to replace one of my B's to have a 4.0 for my select GPA. Anyways my advice, after going through the application process for spring, is to get started now on all the immunixzations and everything. Sometimes there can be problems that arise and the fixes can take quite some time so start as early as possible! Good luck to you Amber!


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Thank you so much for all the advice! It's so nice to hear from someone who has gone through the process! I hope you get into the Spring 😊 Your gpa and scores were great! How is Patho going? I am actually kind of excited for that class since I absolutely bio the Bios.

I am currently trying to apply for the same cohorts (Sum/Fall '15) and at this point all I have left is the TB test and the TEAS. I've submitted my fingerprints but submitted them as of Nov 21 so I'm a little paranoid they won't come back in time for Feb. 1st. Do you know anyone who has taken the Summer program? I don't but I've heard from a friend in the traditional program that Summer kids were stressed and had a bunch of drama. I hate drama so I just don't know what to think about that. Just curious why Summer is your first choice? I think for me its so that I can get done a semester earlier than I would if I did the fall program because my husband wants to start a masters in Fall '16, and I can't do both of us in school like that at the same time. I'm glad I found someone who has the same goals I do! It feels like there is nobody out there trying to apply for Summer.


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Mkjamo90! YAY! Another Summer hopeful! :)

I am sure we will be fine. I have also heard from people that Summer kids are often stressed and super consumed by school, but it will be so worth it in the end. I really want Summer so I can finished early. I really want to get my masters afterward so I want to be done with school as soon as I can. My one friend is also applying for Summer, but other than she, I am not sure of who else is. That only means more spots available for us so I actually hope not a lot of people apply for summer haha.

Yes Amber307 I totally agree that hopefully not a lot of kids apply so there are more spots for us! I am also so shocked but I checked the status of my fingerprints online and they're already cleared after only like three weeks. Woohoo!! I hope things are going well for you in the process :)


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Yay I am so glad to hear they got cleared well in advance. I have done everything, I just need to upload it all to CB tonight. I did run into an unexpected situation with my titers though which was annoying. I have all of my vaccines and am up to date, but both titers came back negative, which is fine because we have an extended deadline for boosters and second titers. I got my boosters today. But I was just surprised and shocked they were negative :/

Anyways, other than that, everything is going great :) I took the TEAS and got an 85% and a 3.64 gpa :( which was not at all what I was hoping for, but my advancement score is a 1.75, which is a "good score," from what I have been told so we shall see. I hope it's good enough to get into Summer!!

I'm sure you'll be a great candidate! Nice job with getting everything done. I just need to get my TB done and my TEAS which I'm taking on the 20th. How was it? Obviously you did well :) but I am just nervous about it because it feels like a lot of info from forever ago! I've been studying each day but not sure how well its going. That sucks about your titers! Thank goodness mine were okay and didn't have any issues. I'm so excited for this process to be done in a few weeks. Its been so much to do and pay for already!


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Hey! :) How did your TEAS go? Yay for the applications to be in already haha.

It went well! I'm glad its done. Now we just have to wait!

Hi all! Thanks for creating this thread Amber :) I also submitted an application to ASU with the hopes of getting in for Summer. I thought we were supposed to receive a confirmation email...has anyone received this yet? It's so hard waiting for news, but it's also exciting!

I was just going to ask the same question! I haven't received it either and it seems like its been awhile since we should have received it.... They told me it would be around the second week of Feb. I emailed them yesterday asking if I got missed or something for the email and they just replied back asking me to call. I called and they didn't answer so guess I will find out on Monday when I call. But that is definitely comforting to me to hear someone else hasn't received it either yet. I was thinking it was just me! ;)

I thought I just replied to this but apparently the comment didn't post. I also haven't received the confirmation email yet so I'm glad to hear someone else hasn't either. That means its not just me! I emailed them yesterday asking about it and they just replied asking me to call them to discuss. I called later but had to leave a message so we will see on Monday. I was starting to feel anxious that they lost my application or something!

Oops. Guess it did post. Sorry for the double post :(

It's definitely not just you. Maybe there were just a lot of applications to sift through! I was totally thinking they lost my application, but I feel a lot better about it too! Do you mind posting an update here after you speak with them (unless it's super personal)?

Oh yeah I can totally post an update, no worries! I'm not planning on it being personal so hopefully they don't tell me something crazy haha. I will just have to remember to post what I hear ;)

Hey! Just found out today from the nursing advising dept that they haven't sent out the confirmation emails yet for this cycle. Kind of silly because the adviser I talked to when I turned in my application on Jan. 29th said I would hear within 10 days. I figured 10 business days. But after not hearing anything I was starting to wonder if I missed something or if they lost my application or whatever. Anyway, in case you're wondering, here is word for word what they sent me:

Thank you for your interest in our Bachelor of Science in Nursing Programs at Arizona State University.

According to our administrators, the confirmation emails for the 2015-2016 Traditional Pre-Licensure Clinical Nursing Programs have not been sent out yet. Tentatively, they will be emailed by the end of this week.

So maybe then we will get a confirmation email this week - tentatively - but probably not haha. I was hoping they were being a little bit conservative with their timeline for when we would hear things but after this, not so sure. Guess here's to being patient for the next few months!

Just got my confirmation email today!