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Hello everyone,

I am currently working on applying to the BSN program at Arizona State University. I am planning on applying to the 16 month program Summer 2015 cohort. I've heard from a friend that the students in the Summer program don't do as well and are really stressed throughout the program so there is a lot of drama compared to the traditional 24 month students. In our application workshop the counselors said there is no difference in how fast the two programs are done, meaning the Summer program is year round but is not accellerated. They stated the only difference is the fact that the 24 month program students get summer breaks whereas the 16 month program students do not. Does anyone know students in the summer program who can attest to whether there really is more drama or stress involved? I would like to make some good friends while in the program so any info would help. I don't know anyone at this point who is in the summer program and can give me actual information. Thank you!

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Congrats on getting admitted!

I am not familiar with the program but I do know that anytime you do anything intense without a break causes drama and conflict.

Good Luck!