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Hi everyone!

I am doing a concept map about Astrocytoma and specifically, I have to find out what age group is more at risk and what the nursing interventions are. I am having trouble relating Astrocytoma and nursing care! Can someone point me in the right direction? Please?


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What is a nursing diagnosis for Astrocytoma? Since Astrocytoma is a "medical diagnosis" you will have to find a nursing diagnosis related to Astrocytoma.

Does that make sense?

If you can figure that out then you should be able to make a complete nursing care plan from that.

Here is a link to a great book that really helps with nursing diagnosis.

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there is no one resource that says, "if the medical diagnosis is x, then the nursing diagnosis is y." doesn't exist. what nurses look at is how the patient's medically diagnosed illness and medical treatment plan affects them, and in what ways nursing treats those effects in addition to implementing the medical plan of care.

as an example (not related to astrocytoma, which you must look up to find out the answer to the common age group, medical effects, and other such).....

nursing actions such as "administer ivs as ordered" is not a result of a nursing assessment and not an independent nursing function. we are required to implement a medical plan of care (if it's safe-- we are also required to evaluate it and if it's dangerous, not to implement but to work on getting it fixed. another thread.). this is a nursing diagnosis and order: "potential for fluid volume excess related to (because he got/will get) iv fluids; evaluate for fluid overload by .... (add nursing actions here-- monitoring and assessing weights, i&o, u/o and specific gravity, labs, edema, sob...)