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Asthma/lung posters/teaching


I am a new school nurse this year and I have a lot of asthma kids (as I'm sure everyone does!) and I have a few bad asthmatics. I have searched on the american lung assoc website and the asthma/allergy network looking for posters of lungs, explaining asthma, or other visuals I can post in the office and I literally can't find anything. I found a DVD that I ordered for free and gave to one of my students but that was about it. Any ideas on where I can find these things and preferably for free? I see them hanging in doctors offices all the time!

Also, what sort of asthma teaching do you do?


Has 6 years experience.

Doctor Recommended Allergy Relief Products & Catalog | National Allergy Supply and AchooAllergy.com - Making You Healthier and Happier Through Allergy Relief may have some free stuff for you. Find your local asthma/allergy clinic and ask where they got theirs and if they have an extra one. We had a drug rep bring posters showing the different asthma inhalers and that is very helpful (they know the use the red one, but don't know WHICH red one).