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I just wanted to know if it's recommended to join any nursing association or organization. Since I'm a starting student I've looked up the NSNA... But I would like to know what are the benefits from joining from someone out there. I would love to hear from others who have joined other organizations as well...



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Because the Ohio Nurses Assocoation represents my bargaining unit(union), I am automatically a member and also a member of the ANA. They deduct the monthly dues out of my paycheck. I aslo joined the American Association of Critical Care Nurses as I am new to Critical Care and would like to get CCRN cert. someday as long as I work the so many hours required to obtain certification.


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Look at as many as you can find. Join one or two that fit your focus, and interests. Most of the professional organizations have a lot of good educational opportunities.

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I strongly encourage you to join and get involved in your student organization, and join your state organization and even your specialty organization too. Nursing is so much more than some of the petty cliques that some people have in their workplace. The networking with different nurses in different places has broadened my mind and I've really enjoyed working with many different nurses over the years. Try it; you may like it. Just remember to get involved with the organization you choose to join so you can benefit from your membership!

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