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Associate vs. Bachelors in nursing

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I will be graduating in May with my associates degree in Nursing and am trying to weigh the pros and cons of continuing on to get my bachelors. I am not a 100% sure what the pros are to having a bachelors degree especially since I live in a small town and have heard having higher education around this area only is benefical if I wanted to be a teacher. Any advice?

If you don't see yourself moving away and you are aware that it is not that beneficial in that area, then maybe it can be put off or put on the side. Unless you see an apparent need, you could save the time and money. But if you anticipate ever going to another area, it would be to your benefit to have it out of the way.

Otessa, BSN, RN

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You must look at future opportunities. If you know you will always live and work in the same small town , then you probably don't need to get a BSN degree.

I have worked in several states and marketability is a good thing.

Two classes away from MSN and don't need it for current job but want the ability to transition into another job that may need an MSN in the future-I have about 30 more years of employment and like to have options!


I graduated about a year and a half ago with my ADN. Originally I hadn't planned on getting my BSN because I didn't think it would matter. I already had a job lined up before graduation (what a different time that was) and I planned on staying in the area I'm in.

Now, with the way the job market is, I plan to make myself as marketable as possible and that includes getting my BSN. Not sure when I'll get around to it, but hopefully it will be soon.

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If you have the time and the money, go for it. Once you have the BSN, it cannot be taken away, and it will open many doors for you. Do not listen to the rumor mills; if you ever plan on moving up at all, the BSN will be invaluable.

We never know what is in the the future, say 5 or 10 years from now, and what changes may lie ahead. It never occured to me that I would live in 5 states, and one foreign country! Do it now!!!


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has anyone completed an online RN to BSN degree? Can you make a recommendation to which program is better?


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I didn't necessarily plan to go back for my BSN so much as the opportunity presented itself. I always wanted my bachelor's degree even before I decided to be a nurse so going back to school was always in the back of my mind. Also, IMHO, nursing is a profession. And, IMHO, being a professional means having a bachelor's degree. So I went back to school because it became possible and because I wanted my degree. It's not easy so don't continue your education unless YOU really want it. I teach clinical in an ADN program and I tell students having the ADN is a good way to work AND continue your education but don't go back to school until you're committed to it.

Just my :twocents:

You should definitely continue your education. it only takes about 1-2 years to get a bsn and 3 years to get an msn and you can do many programs that are completely online!

has anyone completed an online RN to BSN degree? Can you make a recommendation to which program is better?

This really depends on what state you live in and what colleges they will or won't take. check your BON to see if they have any listing of approved schools.

also google Rn to BSN online and alot wil show up. from there it's the same procress of choosing a college as going on campus

getting your bsn can be a personal goal as well as the possible advancement.

is there a area that you would ever want to go into besides what you’re doing now? if then get the bsn b/c that can give an edge.

the other idea is staying current/ staying ahead of the nursing trends, techniques. i vaguely remember a quote “ if you stop learning you’re already behind” that doesn’t have to mean going for the higher degree. but should be more than just reading a monthly magazine or two.

my thoughts get mainly for yourself but then also get to make yourself more secure employment. since there is only job insecurity, the only way to provide security is a person’s own ability to produce quality work.