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Associate degree in Nursing to NP?


I graduated with a bachelor degree in sociology three years ago. After I graduated, I realized working as a social worker is not my thing, so I took prerequisites for nursing schools. I finished the prerequisites with decent grades, so I am in the process of applying to nursing schools. Here's the thing. If I get accepted into an ASN program, is it possible for me to work for a few years then apply with to NP programs with my bachelor in sociology and ASN? I know schools prefer BSN over ASN, but I already have a bachelor. I just dont want to start all over again.

I know some people suggested accelerated BSN, but honestly, I know myself. I wont be able to keep up with the program, so I rather go to a ASN program.


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Most schools want you to have a BSN, but I know there are schools out there that do a bridge program from ADN to MSN (but you still don't earn the BSN)....The one school that comes to mind is Frontier University...Im sure there are others.

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I also graduated with a BS in Sociology 3 years ago : ) I'm now in my last semester of an ADN program and applying to RN-MSN programs for Fall 2013. There are plenty of MSN programs that don't require a BSN. There are even a few schools I have found that don't have an issue with a lack of work experience as an RN, and some that have RN-MSN programs specifically for students with non-nursing Bachelors. I'm sure I would be a more competitive candidate if I had RN experience before I apply, but it is not required for admission.

I decided to attend an ADN program over accelerated BSN because of proximity to my home. I don't want this to come across the wrong way, but it seems a little odd to me that you think the accelerated BSN would be too much for you but you are intending on going on to become an NP. Maybe there's more to the story, but if not maybe you should consider the BSN. I really wished there had been a good program within reasonable driving distance when I started.