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Assited Living~~

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by nakitamoon nakitamoon (Member) Member

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:nurse: Calling on any allnurses family members ~ Who have experience in the assited living facet of L.T.C. Would love to discuss, compare, recieve some input & exchange ideas :idea:

Living in the area in Florida I do,,, & though it was not my first choice as specialty,,, I have spent my entire career as nurse,,, in L.T.C. Leaving our skilled nursing facility to become D.O.N. of our 60 capacity,,, assisted living,,, a little over 4 yrs. ago. I love it! The adjustment from skilled to assisted difficult at first. So glad I stuck it out.

I know in Fl. the biggest growing area is in assisted living,,, with waiver programs in place,,, & funding will be directed in this area as well.

Lots of changes ahead for me in the next couple of years,,, a plan to relocate,,, across the country,,, Hopefully, finding a job to continue in assisted living in the city we are moving to (Las Vegas) (see other thread!!! lol) or surrounding area. Then, as if we would of stayed here, I plan on opening my own assited living. :uhoh21:

I have always known I'd have my own business,,, one day. At times not knowing exactly what it would be :confused: Now I'm sure,,, I can make the policies and procedures,,, treat my staff fairly,,, assure my residents get the best care possible,,, & smart enough to hire someone who can,,, with a smile control the irritable family members!!

What I need and asking is for some input,,, This message board to be full!!!!! There has got to be someone else out there,,, maybe in skilled,,, knowing about assisted living,,, has had thier parents in one,,, worked in one,,, Please share! :kiss

till then have a great one! peace ~~kita

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renerian is a BSN, RN and specializes in MS Home Health.

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Why don't you become an assisted living hired gun? By that meaning you open your own consulting company and go into places by contract and provide consultation usually to fix up a mess or do interim management of AL. Hubby and I own a home health and hospice consulting company. Need good credentials though. I did it with an ADN but my competitors have PHDs so I got my BS and am halfway done with my MS. Have you ever thought of doing that? I worked AL for three years....


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What a wonderful idea,,,,, renerian!!!! I too have my BSN,,, with any all continuing education in assisted living,, I also hold a current administrators license,,,,,

Though about going the surveryor route,,, but truly cannot work for any one much longer,,, let alone the state survey process!

Thank you so much,,, I will do some reaschearch,,, & lots of thought,,,, ~kita

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