Assisted Living really much different than LTC??

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Hi all. This has probably been covered but bear with me :)

I have worked in ALFs as a CNA/med aide before .  I've recently moved from nursing home to assisted living as a LPN.  Is it me or have they become VERY similar?


It seems the biggest thing is there's residents now that really need mechanical lifts due to mobility, but of course we don't have that in personal care. The other thing is the staffing is not even as good as LTC which is not enough typically at all.


I will say it is not as stressful as skilled nursing however, it has it's challenges. 


Any assisted living nurses : which one do you prefer, ALF or skilled nursing?


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Hello. And you are not wrong there! I am an ALF and I keep saying this is how nursing homes were many years ago. But people are even more sick, more comorbidities. We are helping the residents more & more. 

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IMO, some residents are inappropiately admitted to ALF facilities. Some are admitted requiring a level of care not offered in ALF. Due to this all to often experience, I stopped working in ALF altogether. 

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Yes! So of course we have different staffing needs when they are deemed to have ALF needs & it is not good. I work in an assisted living and I had five sets of vital signs on my shift and two residents who because their families refuse to make them hospice. even though they’re basically in the last stages of their disease, require so much care. This care is not appropriate for an ALF & we are all getting burned out. 

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