Assisted living facility not listed on the registry?


I will be starting my CNA clinicals at an assisted living facility and I was looking to see if I could find any information about the place. It's not even listed in the yellow pages of the phone book. It IS in the white pages though. I was wanting to see if there had ever been reports of abuse. Don't all homes have to be listed???

I've checked here:

and here:

The name of the place is The Salem House and it's located in Winston-Salem, NC. If anyone can help, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!

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You can try speaking to an ombudsman group for that area, they should know all the facts about that facility.

I think because it is considered ASSISTED (and not labeled as a 'home' or 'LTC') it is not considered a medical facility so they get away with not being on a registry but I am not sure (differs from state to state). We all know the truth that they are and SHOULD be listed...but I think that is one of the reasons it may not be listed.


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i found it on the internet at yahoo listed under senior services

--- the salem house, 2560 willard rd, winston salem, nc 27107 (336)650-0699

i think "memberofthefamily" only lists nursing homes with violations ... no abuse ... no listing.

i found salem house at - > directory of regulated facilities reports of facilities and services (pdf) > adult care home listing > > page 8

--- salem house, wrh winston operation llc, po box 1678, clemmons, nc 27012, (336)650-0699

and at - > regulated facilities listing list of facilities and services (ascii text) > adult care home >

--- salem house, po box 1678, clemmons, nc, 27012, forsyth, (336)650-0699, 2560 willard road, winston-salem, nc, 27107, wrh winston operation, llc, (336)650-0699

a search for the address, i found - brookside, 336-788-1500, 2560 willard rd, winston salem, nc 27107

a search for brookside, i found -

perhaps the facility was formerly known as brookside :uhoh21: and is now known as salem house, :) owned and managed by wrh ?



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