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Assist with a schedule


I work at a Cert alz ltc center. The Don IS looking at trying to go 12 hour shifts without overtime. We have 4 suites with 15 res. rooms. One nurse for each suite and 2 cna's. The total License # for the 12 hour shifts are 8. 4 for days and 4 for nites. except we have one nurse who does part office and part floor so 2 of her days would be on the floor. so really it would be 8.5 nurses. It would probably be 6a-6p. They want to do an hour lunch so they would do a normal 7 day work period in two weeks and the lunch deduction would decrease the overtime to 0.

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

CapeCodMermaid, RN

Specializes in Gerontology, Med surg, Home Health. Has 30 years experience.

Two things...does any nurse really have an hour to take for a meal break? Probably not. And, if there is a call out, it is much more difficult to fill a 12 hour shift than an 8 hour one. We have mandatory overtime if we can't fill a shift....we went from 12 hour shifts back to 8 hour one for just that reason. I can mandate someone to stay for an extra 8 hours but I can't make them stay past that.