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My husband and I got into a heated argument last year which results in him getting arrested. Fast forward to now - he took a plea deal of a misdemeanor class C with affirmative finding of family violence. The board is not taking any action against him or revoking his license. They closed his case.  He has been taking DV classes, counseling, etc. He has 0 priors and has never been in trouble. Has anyone worked with a class C misdemeanor with DV? or is his career completely over? 

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Welcome to allnurses, @RTRN, we have moved your post to the Licensure with Criminal History forum for best responses. You will find a wealth of others' experiences in the posts here.

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Violent crimes holds a big barrier to some employment; especially in Healthcare. He will probably 

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I voluntarily suspended my RN license in 2011 when I got caught diverting drugs and almost falling asleep in a patients room. This went on for 3 months and I justified taking the waste by saying we were wasting/throwing it away. It was definitely not in my character to do this type of thing. I generally loved nursing and I threw it all away for a quick high, I went to rehab just as I was suppose to and AA for months but decided to voluntarily suspend my license because I was embarrassed about what I did. That was not in the morals I was taught growing up nor in my work ethic. I really want to get back into Nursing. It was my dream job. I love taking care of people. What do I have to do to redeem myself and get my license back? 


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