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I have a little bit of a dilemma and was wondering if somebody who has/or currently is in a similar boat has any useful advice.

I've graduated a 4 year university with a 2.85 GPA- which i'm starting to realize is a problem considering most BSN (both accelerated and not) typically favor those with a 3.0 or above. I'm currently taking pre-requisites and have already finished Anatomy I which I got a B+ in, and Nutrition which I got an A in. I also recently discovered that my community college in New Jersey teaches a Certified Nursing Assistant seminar. If I spent an extra year as a Certified Nursing Assistant as well as taking some more time to space out my pre-requisites, do I stand out as a stronger candidate?

Thank you again for your feedback.

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Spending a year as a CNA will not make you stand out. It might keep you in the running, all else (GPA, etc) being in the running.

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I disagree with the CNA part. It can help. It shows that you have tested the healthcare waters and survived.

Don't give up. you'll get there if you want it bad enough :)

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It depends on what program you're applying for because some require your CNA and some don't care.