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I have been an ASN RN for about 2 years now. I work in a cardiac/PVD hopital. I am getting ready to finish my BSN and making a mad dash for last minute papers. I am to write a "holisitc nursing action plan" for a pt with terminal cancer. How does this differ from a regular care plan? URGH I hate care plans!! :uhoh3: Thanks for any help!

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Hi there,

For what I understand, you would have to create a "wholly" paper, and your patient is in terminal cancer, so that would involve everything that is going on with the patient all together.

That means, involve the pain (which is brutal) with psychological state of the patient, is the patient accepting death, does she know she is dying, is she anxious?

can you teach the family on what to expect? how to act with the patient to decrease anxiety?

what about comfort measures, making sure that the patient is comfortable?

pack all your ADPIE together, and create a plan for your patient, with your interventions, and implementations, evaluations and education!

hope it helped!

Thanks. I am using adpie, just not sure what the professor wants. It's a little vague and Im short on patience right now. lol~!

Funny.. I have the exact same topic in a paper I'm writing. Wondering if we're in the same program??

I am also going to use ADPIE and write a brief explanation for each as I discuss her pain, the impact on her relationships with family and friends, and the additional stressors she may have about the areas of life her terminal disease will impact.

Now.. how to do it?!?!?! :)

Hey! Me too! I'm finshing up at this term. sooooo....the question is, do I just go ahead and use the column format we used in my ADN program to write up a care plan ADPIE, or do I write it out in a paragraph and attempt to make a cohesive argument?

I don't mind care planning...its a pretty straight forward process, its just how do I present it in the paper? And what is the difference between coming up with strategies to improve quality of life and creating a holistic nursing plan of action? wouldn't one be part of the other? why two separate questions then? so frustrating....

Im at as well, working on the same paper. The entire course has been difficult. I wrote a GREAT paper and got it kicked back. That was even after I sought help from the Course Mentor, but they arent the ones grading the papers. When writing the actual holistic plan of care I included therapy for the entire family; a social worker for community serivces to help with support groups, transportation etc; a spiritual advisor for the family; a dietician to help keep the pt healthy; guided imagery; message; and accupuncture.

Again, my grader was not happy with my paper. I dont know how much more holistic one can get with all this.

Any other ideas? Am I missing something?? Thanks!!!!

Gigilurn, I'm in the same class and working on the same paper at . Your comments on plan of care is exactly what I was going to write in my paper. I agree with you. I don't know how much more holistic you can be with this scenario! I'm sure my paper will be kicked back too. :)

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