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Hi ya'll, I am a missionary nurse in Honduras. My husband, who is the Navy is being transferred to Wahiawa. (Long story about him on a boat and me in Honduras, not a bad one just long). Anyhow, I am not thrilled but can make the best of a move to Hawaii, but need information to make this change. I have 1 daughter who I homeschool and would like to dual enroll in a community college, one local Honduran girl (19) that I will need to enroll in adult high and her 4 year old who will be in kindergarden -but only speaks spanish. I am thinking about enrolling in a NP program, so I can do more when I return to the mission field. But they seem to be rather scarce. Maybe I am just no asking the search engine the right question. Can any of you help me out with this and maybe some info on jobs. Most my background is ER, but I am kinda the catch all here, emergencies, x-ray tech, dental assistant, wound care nurse, carpenter, etc. Thanks and God bless.


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You won't be too far from me. I'm in Waianae. Hawaii Pacific University has a post masters FNP program and the University of Hawaii has a NP program with several specialities. I think we filled all the ER positions at my place but I'll check. Wahiawa General is in your town. It's a small hospital but has an ER, ICU and an M/S floor. My wife can answer your school questions. Just send me a private email and I'll send you her email. Welcome to Oahu!

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