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I am a NA/ cargiver and work for a in -homecare agency I have been with them for just about 3 months and have been told I would get paid a certain amount but it never turned out that way. I want a raise because I feel they are taking advantage of me and I deserve better pay like we had discussed before I was hired . I only get 9.00 /a hour and want a raise to 10.00 /an hour is that reasonable . How should I approach my supervisor and should I schedule a appointment and talk to her in person or send a formal E-mail. Please any advice would be great what would be the best approach!?!?!?


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Forget the email, stop by in person and and ask if you can talk with them for a few minutes. Very politely tell them how much you enjoy your job and how they are a great company to work for, however you are concerned because on such-a-such-a date before you accepted the job, you and Mr. Soandso discussed a different pay rate then they have been paying you. You would like to be compensated the originally discussed amount.

No need for hard feelings or animosity. If they disagree, then you decided to resign, or deal with the pay. $1 does not sound like much but it is over $2k per year! Good luck!


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The agreed upon salary should have been offered to you in writing. If you have the letter, you should definitely discuss with your direct manager. If that doesn't go your way, then go to HR. If nothing in writing, then the best you can hope for is that the person who told you the salary lives up to their word.

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