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It's my impression that this is a board for nurses and while I realize that anyone is welcome to join isn't it our purpose to keep these topics geared somewhat towards nursing? I'll admit I'm as guilty as the next person of going off on tangents and spirituality seems to be a hot button issue. But isn't the forum on Nursing and Spirituality supposed to a place where nurse discuss how their spiritual beliefs (no matter what they may be) effects our ability to our jobs. It's seems those who want to talk about death, damnation, evil spirits etc with no mention of nursing in their posts could find some other Religion based forum to discuss their beliefs.



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While I think you're right, and gearing the topics toward how spirituality affects nursing is the intent, I also think that the traffic on this board would grind to a halt if it were to be kept too narrowly defined. There isn't exactly an overabundance of topics recently discussed here.

A thread I found interesting and informative was moved to the Breakroom. I understand the intent in moving the thread, but I also know that my participation just ceased (along with others) because I/we don't visit over there----it requires a separate registration and login---and prefer to stay on the main site. C'est la vie!

ETA: Never mind, LOL....I just went Over There to see what was going on in the Breakroom I might have missed :)

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