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asked to return to worker prior to 14 day self isolation

by feralcat feralcat (New) New Nurse

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I work at a mental health facility, and I flew in from Mexico on Friday March 13. I am asymptomatic but my manager, occ health nurse and hospital have approved me to return to work. They said if I show any symptoms, then to not come in.

I am feeling very nervous about this because the canadian government just stressed anyone who travelled anywhere outside of canada must self isolate. I am nervous that if I am infected, I could spread it my colleagues, patients and hospital. This virus can spread even if someone is aymptomatic, and a person can remain asymptomatic for up to 14 days.

Anyone going through a similar experience, thoughts or recommendations?? I have voiced my concerns to my employeer, and understanding protocols are changing by the hour...

Tweety, BSN, RN

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Mexico has only 15 cases (but rising as is everywhere) and perhaps they are basing it on the country you travel from? Or is it any country anyone on a plane? If you feel they are violating Canadian rules and laws perhaps you should talk to someone in authority. They might get into trouble.

Stay well.

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Thanks. I've contacted my union rep, they said it's based on the occ health nurse who has cleared me to work. RPNAO representative supported that my employer is in the wrong and I should self-isolate. So lots of conflicting opinions! I've also contacted my CNO and MP for guidance and awaiting response.......


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I suppose your employer believes that a traveler isn't exposed to the virus in airports, cabs, rental car counters, public bathrooms, etc....from people outside of Mexico.

Smart, eh?


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Yes, it's ridiculous. We aren't short of nursing staff right now, my shifts could be easily filled. I'm so frustrated.