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I am graduating from a BSN program in Oklahoma in May 2011. After graduation I would like to move to Asheville, NC, but I want to know what it is like to work in NC as a nurse. Do nurses have a lot of autonomy? Oklahoma is restricted for the most part.

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I worked in Asheville as a travel nurse, and I LOVED EVERY SECOND! The area is breathtaking, the people are welcoming and you have something to do every day. The hiking is amazing. The food is great, and there is a nice mixture of culture there.

That being said, the cost of living is kind of high there since it is considered a resort town. Example: I rented a house and took the housing stipend that my travel company provided instead of taking the apartment that they provided. The house was on 0.25 acres, was built in the 50's with 3 small bedrooms, a TINY living room (a couch and a chair was all that I could fit!), one bathroom, and a basement. The homeowners were trying to sell the house...for $300,000! After my contract was up and I moved out, they did sell the house for the asking price.

Since there is not much competition in the healthcare industry in Asheville, the nurses are not paid much. The benefits are marginal. But let me tell you, the atmosphere alone was almost worth it had I decided to stay on as staff.

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I like being a nurse in NC. I think we are given great autonomy, but I don't know what you comparing it to in oklahoma. Is there something specific that you are looking for? Every RN has the right to vote for who they want on the board of nursing (I think that NC is the only state that does this?).

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The rate of pay is very low compared to a high COL. High local and state taxes, expensive license plates, auto inspections, high insurance rates, food is very expensive, real estate is outta sight. That said, Asheville is an extremely liberal and diverse town, and I love it. I would not love it if my nursing income had to be anything other than supplemental. I could never afford to maintain a decent standard of living while working as a nurse here.

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