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Hey fellow students! I have a SIM lab tomorrow that I am so nervous for and don't feel prepared. Basically, we are on our own as the nurse with three patients. We have to prioritize who to see first. I just wanted to get your guys' input on who you think the priority patient is as well as your priority assessments and interventions. Thanks in advance!!

1: admitted for abdominal pain, nausea, and vomiting. 69 yo male. BP 101/50. HR 111. RR 20. 02 91% RA. T 97.8. PMH osteoarthritis, alcohol use (sober 5 years), and former smoker

2: admitted for chest pain and tachycardia. 69 yo female. BP 171/91. HR 101. RR 24. 02 96% RA. T 98.8. PMH chronic heart failure and heart attack 6 years ago.C/O SOB, chest discomfort, and feels like heart is racing.

3: admitted for difficulty breathing, asthma exacerbation. Dx with asthma, PNA. C/o respiratory distress r/t acute asthma exacerbation. 20 yo female diagnosed 1 year ago with adult onset asthma. stopped taking maintenance meds due to lack of health insurance/ money. Very anxious and difficulty breathing. wheezes throughout with crackles in the bases. currently on 4L about 90%.10/10 generalized pain. BP 148/89. HR 98. RR 20. 02 93%. T 100

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You go first. Who do you believe is the highest priority and why?

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We as all students to tell us what they think first so we can best help you find the answers. It's usually best to remember what is going to hurt the patient the fastest.

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