As an LVN in CA, can I submit a credential and sit for NCLEX-RN?

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California has two options to get an RN license. As a vocational nurse educated and licensed in the state of California who's also recently completed and submitted credentialing to the BVNPT for review, can I approach the BRN about sitting for the NCLEX-RN? Is there a possibility of having passed the NCLEX-PN plus adding the credential is sufficient for RN licensure?

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It is not sufficient for RN licensure.

There is an LVN to RN 30-unit option in CA. The 30-unit option (non-graduate) program is a three- to four-semester program for applicants with a valid California Vocational Nurse license who wish to quickly meet the requirements to take the NCLEX-RN examination as a non-graduate.

However, a degree is not awarded. Most other states do not recognize it and will not issue RN licenses. You will likely have difficulty transferring to another state or applying to a college or university for an advanced degree. 

It's recommended to enroll in an ADN or BSN program instead.

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