As an Lpn Can I work for a Plastic surgeon and perfom non-surgical procedures???

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Hi everyone,

I am a nursing student (lpn) at lincoln tech and will be finished the begining of 2010. I went to Beauty school and obtained my esthetician license. Well First and formost I went to beauty school as my stepping stone into getting to my goal which is being a medical esthetician.I am very into skin care and all the new ways in enhancing looks and making people happy with the way they feel about there apperance. I want to know for sure If I can as a Lpn in the state of NY do non-surgical procedures like Botox, Dermal Fillers (including Restylane, Juvederm, Perlane, Radiesse, Prevelle), Sclerotherapy, Mesotherapy, Chemical Peels, Microdermabrasion, Laser, Pulsed Light and energy based equipment under the supervision of a doctor for sure??????? I know Rn's can do it but I really am not interested in even obtaining my Rn because I dont want to do anything else with my nursing license but work in a plastic surgeons or dermatologist office. All I talk about in school to all my teachers is that is the only reason why I'm there and that I definetly dont want to work in anything else in the nursing field especially having after having to go through clinicals. im ok with needles and injections but everything else im freaked out about thats why I know its not for me to work in a nursng home or hospital. I did find the medical esthetic training program that offer certifications for physicians, P.A., Rn's and Lpns** to do all those procedures that I mentioned above and also talked to state board of nursing in Ny and got an emailed letter stating I can do theses procedures under a supervision of a doctor But why arent any doctors hiring lpns to do this???maybe doctors dont know??? im so also wondering if getting those certifications and spending that xtra $5000 then making a resume and just faxing it to every plastic surgeon and dermatologist in Nyc or even vistiting there offices will get me in even if I am only an Lpn/esthetician.I am sooo concerend with this that I think about it and stress about it almost eveyday. im always on the computer looking up jobs for lpns in plastic surgeons offices and I'll find 1 every 5 months its ridiculous and by the way I have been wanting to be a medical esthetician since i was in middle school. I wrote papers about it and eveything. It truely is what I want to do.. So please reply back I really need to destress my mind.

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OK, let's start at the start. First, I'm very happy that you know what you want to do. Even if you change your mind later, you have a definite goal now. You are lucky in that regard.

Next, I think your question as to why doctors are not hiring LPN's to do this is a very good one. I think you should ask them. Just go to the offices of various surgeons you might want to work for and ask them if they are considering hiring an LPN to work with them/for them, doing the things you want to do.

You might get lucky and have one hire you, train you, pay for schooling, everything.

I think you will be very successful, maybe even own your own spa someday, with a physician on your staff.

It might not be necessary to become an LPN. if you do, it will open more doors for you, though.

Good luck!


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Hi! I'm a newly license esthetician who would like to become an RN. I also have a Business Degree so there are about 6 pre reqs that I will have to take before getting into the nursing program. Since I already have a BA, financial aid is out of the question. Are there any grants or other types of financial assistance that will keep me from having to take out another student loan? even if I can lessen the amount I have to take out would be great! ANY tips or suggestions about this field will be greatly appreciated! Thanks! :-)


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Hi SabrinaLPN! How is the medical esthetician with an LPN certification doing for you? I am on the road to pursuing exactly what you are doing and I question the same thing. Please update me and let me know how the journey has been for you after you graduated from LPN school. Did you find a job that you are happy with? Please and thank you!

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