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Which profession do you respect the most?

  1. 1. Which profession do you respect the most?

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I'm starting my pre-reqs for nursing school to become an RN with goals for the future already in my head. I'd like to follow up becoming an RN with becoming an Naturopathic Doctor and/or an ARNP. I have read many threads in this forum where people have debated their choices going into any of these careers after being a nurse.

Question.... Which would you do first? Become an ARNP or become a Naturopathic Doctor?

It would be especially lovely if anyone who has done the dual path of RN & ND or ARNP & ND could share their thoughts. Was it worth the extra four or five years? Was it worth the student loans?

klone, MSN, RN

Specializes in OB-Gyn/Primary Care/Ambulatory Leadership. Has 15 years experience.

Can I ask why you want to do both? Just curious. I've never heard of someone being an NP and an ND. What are your goals? What type of practice do you see yourself in? Why ND? Why not just NP? Or DNP?

blondy2061h, MSN, RN

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I have zero respect for naturopathic "doctors." I like the concept of not throwing drugs at everything, but in practice, it doesn't work out. How is throwing some expensive, non-FDA approved drug, with side effects, that may or may not work at a condition better than giving an evidence based medication, approved by the FDA, known to be effective against the condition, given by a doctor that can actually order things like labs to monitor for side effects and desired effect? I don't get it. The ND's I've met push unnecessary supplements that boast their profit margin and preach a practice that has no basis in evidence. I've heard some downright dangerous advice ("Start using cinnamon and you can stop your insulin! Chemotherapy kills people faster than cancer!"). No thanks.

I don't think your poll is fair since I have equal respect for CNAs, LPNs, RNs, MDs, DOs, DCs, and NPs. They do different things so it's an apples/oranges type comparison.

klone, MSN, RN

Specializes in OB-Gyn/Primary Care/Ambulatory Leadership. Has 15 years experience.

The scope of practice of an NP is actually greater than that of an ND. As an NP, you would have more autonomy. In many states, NDs cannot practice. An NP has greater prescriptive authority. You would be limiting yourself as an ND. You would have greater respect from your colleagues as an NP, IMO.

i have known two rns who did the nd thing. neither was a very great nurse and thought they'd get more respect as a "d," which is something i see reflected in your poll. personally, i didn't choose my profession by what i thought would get me the most respect. ymmv.

i used to hear a lot from them about high colonic cleanses. this gets you more respect and is a nicer job, giving enemas to people who don't really need them all week? gross.

if you really want to be a nurse, be an np. it will take you the extra years, but hey, you've got a long life ahead of you, right?

In Washington State, ND's can prescribe synthetic medications just like ARNPs. 16 states currently recognize NDs - agreed, that limits the options.

Personally, ND's have helped me more than MD's. My asthma and anxiety are finally under control after years of being out of control with use of steroids and anti-depressants - thanks to the help of an ND and an acupuncturist. I also respect ARNP's and MD's because there have been times where they saved my life - such as in acute asthma attacks. My heart especially respects one ARNP that discovered my mother's breast cancer and saved her life. This brings me to a feeling of wishing for balance between the two. They can compliment each other and it does not need to be all or nothing for one or the other.

I want to be a doctor, but not a medical doctor. This I know. However, I know that ARNPs have a depth of knowledge that I'd like to have as well. I just don't see myself going to a cutt-throat medical school to become an MD or DO.