army RN - deployment


a few questions:

im a 66H LT in the army. thinking about volunteering for deployment. never been deployed before.

1. what is the FASTEST way to get deployed?

2. any way to choose where i get deployed to?

3. any resources out there to help with the deployment process? videos?

4. are we just expected to know how to use/put together everything from CIF? my ncoic put my bag together but i still have no idea what goes where. resources?

any advice and helpful hints are appreciated.

thank you!


active / reserves? are you in a unit or in TRADOC or? Do you have previous experience as a nurse?


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active duty since mar 2010, assigned to crdamc fort hood since june 2010. been in the pacu the past 6 months.

my personal opinion is in general your best way to get deployed is to be in a unit that is slated to deploy and that is where you go. choice is not as important. there are sometimes opportunities to volunteer but this sometimes sync with times of movement like after attending captains course, or working with branch manager to schedule next station etc. I don't have any other info to offer on this.. is your unit deploying? Have you talked to your S1? Do you know your future personal timeline?

CIF / TA50.. there is not a set location of all gear.. gear that goes along is based on the mission.. for the basics I'd talk to your NCOIC and just ask for some recommendations. Hope that helps a bit. best of luck to you...