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Hello all,

I am a nurse resident that is currently practicing at a hospital (Less than 3 months experience). I have a BSN. I recently looked into my student loan repayment and was in for a shocker. I have looked into doing Army/AirForce Nursing to help pay off my $80k student loan. I want to do either critical care nurse, emergency nurse or trauma nurse. I do want to become a nurse practitioner or CRNA as well. Anyadvice? How long is the contract?Reserve vs. Active Duty? Is it worth it? 





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I have posted a lot on this.  If you click the hyperlink of my name, you'll be able to read my previous posts.  They should give you all the information you could possibly want.

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Talk to a recruiter.  They are going to be able to give you factual information. I just retired from the Army Nurse Corps and things have changed a lot since 2001 when I went in.   Good luck. 

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