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I plan on applying for the ADN progam at UALR soon. I am a nervous reck. I know there are more people applying than spots available. I have about 96 quality points. I made an 84 on my evolve exam. I... Read More

  1. by   ladyvp05
    Update: I made it through my hardest semester yet. Ob and peds. I got a B in ob and a C in peds. I was sad about the C, but I'm happy I passed. Also, I finally took chemistry again. 10 years ago I earned a D. I'm happy to say I passed it with an A. Anyways, one semester left to go before graduation.
  2. by   CandyT
    Hello! I just got my email of acceptance into UALR nursing. I have read your there something you could tell about NURS 1300?
    Such as books I could get to prepare and read ahead?
  3. by   ladyvp05
    Sorry I'm just now seeing this. For 1300 I only used the fundamentals book. However, if you aren't good at math maybe get the calculate with confidence book. Congratulations on getting accepted and good luck. It is a wonderful program.
  4. by   ladyvp05
    Final update: Today May 14, 2016 I graduated. I made a B in critical care and an A in competency. I also accepted a job working in surgery (operating room). I will be starting the RN to BSN program in August. Good luck to anyone reading this. I love the UALR nursing program. Dreams really do come true!!!!
  5. by   Skelley1810
    I will be starting this summer, any advice on what you did to get that a and b? I know reading all the material can be overwhelming, do you have any tips to share. Thank you I am so nervous
  6. by   Skelley1810
    Also, I saw your post about you taking a job in the operating room. That and critical care is where I want to be. When I graduate, I heard it is hard to get in those fields being a new grad. Is that necessary true? Is it a particular place that will?

    Sorry for all the questions
  7. by   ladyvp05
    I haven't been on here in a while so I'm sorry for just now responding. St. Vincent will hire new grad nurses for specialties like OR, ER, and ICU.
  8. by   ladyvp05
    Update: I just graduated yesterday will my BSN from UALR. Passed every class with an A. If UALR every produces a MSN program I would likely apply for that program. Good luck everyone on your nursing journey!